Toss Us The Keys


One of the greatest challenges for real estate investors is procuring reliable contractors and managing the projects involved with preparing the investment property to market for selling or renting. You may have heard the horror stories or maybe you’ve experienced them yourself when it comes to all the challenges that can go along with managing a “turn” project.

It’s nearly impossible to find a single contractor who does it all at the perfect price. It’s not uncommon to find yourself needing a: licensed plumber, licensed electrician, painter, roofer (who may not do gutters too), handyman and landscaper (certainly not an exhaustive list). Also, you’ll likely have to meet with the building inspector more than once and do some occasional shopping. We haven’t even begun to discuss contractor reliability. But, you get the picture.

Time is money. In the time it takes you to get things in order with a single property, managing the stress of a “turn” project could cost you other valuable opportunities, strain personal relationships and could have you second guessing as to if it’s even worth it. Why take yourself through this unnecessary grief?

Let Kurt Commercial Facility Services, LLC (KurtCFS) manage the project for you. It will certainly be worth it in the end. Our fees are often greatly reduced by the money we’ll save you. We will provide you with counsel throughout the project resulting often in cost savings. This compared to many investors making snap decisions out of being overwhelmed and not having time to look closer at the details. We also have relationships with many contractors who provide services for us on a regular basis. These relationships can sometimes lead to more cost savings due to the volume of work we provide to our contractor partners.

If you have plans on growing your business, you should have plans on growing your team. We would love to partner with you. Email us at: today.