It’s important for customers to be able to trust the contractor they hire. In business, trust can be hard to earn and even harder to restore. We commit to making the greatest effort possible to earn and secure your trust from the start, and doing so by practicing integrity. We realize that your home or business is a significant investment, it’s where you live (or how you earn income), it holds things of great value and you should always feel safe there. These are some of the things that we keep in mind when providing you with service. We make sure that our employees and partners understand the importance of integrity, not just on the job but in life itself. We certainly hope that the value we place on integrity comes through if we’re blessed to have a relationship with you.

Make it Right

Of course we want to get every job delivered on budget, on time and exactly as you anticipate. But, we realize that unfavorable, unforeseen circumstances can frequently rear up its head when you least expect it. The contracting business can be full of surprises. But, we make every effort to keep such surprises to a minimum. Preferably, to avoid them altogether. But, after much planning, unfavorable surprises can sometimes be inevitable. This is why we are committed to making it right should the unfavorable, unforeseen surprise show up during a job. We are committed to seeing every job through. If there’s a need to adjust the scope, we’ll work hard to keep your cost down. So not to worry, we are prepared to stick it out and fix it.


Kurt Commercial Facility Services, LLC was founded on godly principles. ‘Love God and love your neighbor as ourselves’. We do not require any individual working with us to ascribe to any particular faith, but we do require that they represent the meaning of this core value in how they treat customers. We believe that all people were created in the image of God. Therefore, all people have inherent value and they should be treated as such.


Service is the key to success. I believe that those who succeed in this life are those who have a servant’s heart. We work for you, the customer. We don’t believe that you want to tell us how to do our job, but we work hard to deliver the job how you want it done. In all that we do; from how we plan to how we execute, we perform our job with you in mind. We invite you to share with us all the things that are important to you regarding your project. We work with you in mind.


Nothing is worse than paying for the same job twice. We use quality materials in our work and employ our best practices when we work. Once your project is completed you can take your mind off of that particular need. It’s done!


We will keep you informed every step of the way on how your project is progressing. We will make ourselves available for meetings and let you know quickly of any new recommendations or challenges. We promise not to “ghost” you at any point during the project. Our phone lines are always open so you’re welcome to call at any time with any questions.