We have been putting apprentices to work on a regular basis and we have more work to come. These ladies and gentlemen are officially business owners! We are not training them to be great employees (there’s nothing wrong with that), we are training them to be great business owners! In the weeks to come they will be assisting us on very important projects that our customers have lined up for us. Our apprenticeship program has been a fun journey so far, and as we continue to grow our customers will be the greatest beneficiaries. We thank God for the churches that have offered us their facilities for this great program. It wouldn’t be possible without them! Please let The House Church, located at 303 N. Elizabeth Ave., Ferguson, MO 63135 and UCM The Church of Jesus Christ, located at 4492-96 Bircher Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63115 know how much you appreciate them for aiding us changing the lives of these individuals. Got someone that you know will like to learn more about what we are doing? Email me at: service@kurtcfs.com. Love ya’